Monday, May 26, 2008

"Pisang kalau dah ranum sangat, yang paling sesuai dibuat cucur kodok. Kalau buat pisang goreng dia makan minyak.."istilah orang Kedah

Rahim has his heart set on Umno vice-president’s post

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Malacca chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik has offered himself as a candidate for the post of Umno vice-president in the party elections at the end of the year.

The 58-year-old, who resigned from all his government and party posts in 1994, said the climate was right for him to make a comeback as members were now clamouring for a leadership change.

Abdul Rahim, who quit as chief minister after allegations of sexual misconduct and corruption, however had this to say to anyone who may raise similar allegations to discredit him on the campaign trail should he succeed in getting the required number of nominations to contest:

“Do so at your own peril. I will not hesitate to take both criminal and legal action for libel against anyone who dares level these allegations against me in the open.”...............(star 26.5.2008)